About Us

chisiamo Welcome to Euro Hotel . An elegant and refined , able to combine the classic style of the furnishings with modern comfort and numerous services, including on handicap . Located in a strategic position , in one of the main streets of Piacenza, is a short walk from the historic center of the city, near the train station and the motorway entrances . EUR Hotel is suitable for any kind of need, and seeks the extreme satisfaction of every type of customer. Excellent reception directed to both the passing tourist (which can take advantage of the many initiatives of various kinds and itineraries offered by the Directorate ) and the guest who stays for work instead . The history of this hotel draws its origins and its implementation by the will of an entire family of restaurateurs piacentini that offers hospitality in the area. From their passion as well as from their experience, gained over the years , born in time other structures always present in the fabric of the city , such as the Petit Hotel ( www.petithotel.com ) , the Colombo Restaurant and Ristorante -Pizzeria Cristian ( www.ristorantecristian.com ) . The excellent quality of services offered Euro Hotel, combined with the attention reserved for guests, so creating an exemplary combination of extreme professionalism. Another particular strength of Euro Hotel is in the efficiency of the team, highly qualified and always able to fulfill every expectation of customers, fidelizzandola over time.